Our Staff


Meet Our Staff!

Rob Jensen– Owner / Agent
Personal & Commercial Lines
Email: rjensen@hometownbrillion.com









Albert Geiger Agent
Personal, Farm Lines, Commercial

Email: ageiger@hometownbrillion.com




Chase JensenAgent
Personal & Commercial Lines

Email: cjensen@hometownbrillion.com




Chris NiesAgent
Personal & Commercial Lines
Email: cnies@hometownbrillion.com










Holly SchmidtCISR
Commercial Lines – Customer Service

Email: hschmidt@hometownbrillion.com








Amy Gotter CISR

Farm and Personal Lines – Customer Service

Email: agotter@hometownbrillion.com







Carlye Lettenberger

Personal Lines – Customer Service
Email: clettenberger@hometownbrillion.com










Jacquelyn Jensen
Email: jjensen@hometownbrillion.com



















**If sending an email, please be aware that no coverage can be bound and no change can be made until confirmed by a licensed agent during regular business hours!





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